Is Losing Weight On a Treadmill Possible: Here is How Its Done

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So many people ask ” can I lose weight by using a treadmill?” and the answer is Yes!

We all would like to lose weight.  But there are some things that stand in the way.  Gym memberships can be expensive,  our schedules get in the way more than we would like and sometimes there are times when we just forget to work out. Plain & simple.

Having a treadmill does cost money, but with all the money that you would be spending on a gym membership and gas to drive to the gym, you could afford to purchase a treadmill in a year or so, depending on the model.  Owning a treadmill will cut out many of the excuses of not working out and losing weight, so start exercising now ( well you can start right after you get the ok from your doctor).

Treadmills allow you to set your own pace.  You could walk, jog or even run on a treadmill.  Walking is great for you.  Many people when they first start on the quest of losing weight have a hard time sticking with a rigorous exercise regimen.

Walking is the perfect way to begin your goal to lose weight on the treadmill.  You should begin your routine walking at a pace that is comfortable for you and slowly increasing the speed.  When you work your way up to speed walking, the calories will seem to fly off.

Walking at a faster speed than at a leisure pace is great for you if you can maintain the speed for longer periods of time.  You will burn more calories and lose more weight than in just walking 10 minutes at a slower pace.

If you don’t have an hour a day to spend speed walking, you could try 30 minutes of part walking and part jogging.  Find a pace that is very comfortable for you while jogging since you would need to maintain the speed for around 15 minutes.  If you Speed walk for 15 minutes, you will warm up your body.  After walking, jog for another 15 minutes.   You will work your heart, and build up endurance which helps you to lose weight even faster.

If you’re ready to start running on a treadmill, you only need to run about 10 minutes a day to lose a lot of weight.  You should warm your body up first by walking for 5 minutes before you start running.  The longer you maintain a fast speed running, the more weight you will lose.

So stop coming up with excuses to not lose any weight.  Treadmills not only help you to get in shape, but they help to burn the fat right off of you!

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